Anegada British Virgin Islands

Anegada is approximately 18 miles northwest of Virgin Gorda making it an easy sail on a good day. The channel to the anchorage at Setting Point is well marked. As you sail in with good weather and light you will pass many coral heads. Anegada is a wonderful overnight destination for those who enjoy excellent beaches, fresh lobster and conch meals and down to earth entertainment.

Anegada, the second largest of the British Virgin Islands, is a coral island that is in contrast to its mountainous sister islands in the Virgin Islands. It is approximately eleven miles long by two and half miles wide with extensive salt ponds, reaching its highest point at 28 feet, hence its name which means the “drowned land.” Anegada has sixteen miles of beautiful sandy beaches with a primeval quality.

Anegada is “guarded” by the famous Horseshoe Reef to the southeast which – at eighteen miles long – is one of the world’s largest coral reefs and the longest in the Caribbean. Horseshoe Reef has claimed more than 300 hundred shipwrecks which made it well known for wreck diving. However it is not illegal to anchor on Horseshoe Reef.

Anegada Activities
Water Sports

Anegada is well known for wreck diving, bone fishing, deep sea fishing, lobsters, conch, flamingos and long beautiful deserted beaches.  Anegada Reef Hotel arranges deep-sea fishing and bone-fishing trips for island guests. Scuba diving and snorkeling are best on Horeshoe Reef, where divers will delight in the reef’s mazes, tunnels and drops, which are rich in needle fish, mojarra, stingrays, parrot fish and other marine life. You can also explore the wreckage of numerous Spanish galleons, American privateers and British warships. The northern end of the island offers magnificent reefs and clear blue water for fabulous snorkeling. Loblolly Bay, Jack Bay and Cow Wreck Bays are some of the most popular spots for snorkeling and scuba diving. Be sure to bring your own snorkeling gear to the island as there are no rentals available.

Go sailing with Spirit of Anagada and climb aboard a classic gaff rigged schooner to enjoy quality snorkeling and sailing among the beautiful BVI. The skipper anchors at secluded snorkeling areas for you and your party to enjoy the spectacular reefs and colorful fish. Charter the boat privately or join the scheduled half and full day sails.

Natural Beauty

Clear springs that bubble from coral beds support a variety of flora special to the Virgin Islands area, including loblolly, frangipani, turpentine trees, feathery sea lavender and wild orchids. On the nature trail at Bones Bight, catch a glimpse of the rare rock iguanas native to Anegada, or discover the exotic birds, incl the Roseate Flamingos at Nutmeg Point.

Heritage & Culture

Discover the island’s history through a maze of stone walls that surround The Settlement, or through the Arawak’s ancient conch burial mounds at the East End of the island. Anegada has a sparse population (a couple of hundred people) and indigenous culture. Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, used Anegada as one of his favorite hideouts.

  • Faulkner’s Country Store , The Settlement

Located in The Settlement (or “Village Square” as many like to call the area), Faulkner’s Country Store offers staples such as vegetables, canned goods, detergents, frozen meats, and fish. If you can’t find what you need here, nearby Pal’s General Store may be able to help you.

  • Purple Turtle (Formerly Sue’s Gift Shop)

This newly expanded shop sells island clothing, handcrafts, music, spices and candles. Much of the store items are made in the Caribbean, which makes this the perfect spot to shop for gifts to take back home. Check out their beautiful sarongs, dresses, hats and t-shirts — these make for great island wear.

  • Pat’s Pottery & T-Shirts, Nutmeg Point

Located near Bonefish Villa, Pat’s Pottery offers a selection of plates, mugs, pitchers, platters and more. Each item is decorated in an island motif such as palm trees, sea grapes and fish.

  • VNJ’s and Henry’s Souvenir Shop at Nutmeg Point â€“ Features locally made pottery and gifts.


Anegada Anchorages
  • Setting Point â€“ This is the main anchorage on Anegada.
  • Bender’s Bay Anchorage â€“ Bay adjoining Setting Point.
Anegada Beaches

With striking coral reefs surrounding the island—including the Eastern Caribbean’s third largest continuous reef Horseshoe Reef—Anegada is surrounded by eco-rich secluded sandy beaches protected by the sheltering reef. Its miles and miles of uninterrupted and all but deserted, white sand beaches include Loblolly Bay, ranked among the world’s best beaches. Loblolly Bay has a natural lookout point with 360-degree views of Caribbean perfection. Other beaches include Cow Wreck Beach, Jay Back Beach, Flash of Beauty, and Bones Bight.

  • Cow Wreck Beach

Located on the north shore of Anegada, Cow Wreck Beach is a beautiful spot to relax, swim and snorkel. The beach was named for the cow bones that washed upon the beach after ships carrying these animals to the islands wrecked on its reefs. After soaking in the sun, stop by the Cow Wreck Beach Bar for lunch, dinner or a beverage.

  • Loblolly Bay Beach

Loblolly Beach is a gorgeous stretch of white sand beach on the north shore of Anegada. This is arguably the best beach on the island for snorkeling. Swim over the reefs to explore the colorful angel fish, parrot fish and natural coral. There are a few small caves and a wreck to view, as well. Loblolly Beach is also an excellent spot for beach-combing. Walk the long beach to collect beautiful shells and view the islands flora and fauna. The restaurant “Big Bamboo” is located here if you want to take a break from the sun and surf to enjoy a delicious meal.

  • Jack Bay Beach

Jack Bay Beach is yet another wonderful spot to swim, snorkel and relax on beautiful Anegada. Located just west of Loblolly Beach, this is a peaceful and relaxing spot.

Anegada Dining

Anegada has a varied selection of restaurants, offering both local cuisine and a wide choice of other dishes. We recommend indulging in the local cuisine by dining on lobster, reputed to be the Caribbean’s best, or with a rum-based Rum Teaser or Wreck Punch.

  • Anegada Reef Hotel, Setting Point

The restaurant at the Anegada Reef Hotel is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For dinner, try the succulent Anegada lobster, which is barbecued to absolute perfection. If you don’t favor fresh seafood, the restaurant also serves chicken, baby back ribs and steak. Casual attire. Credit cards not accepted.  Contact: 284-495-8002;

  •  Big Bamboo, Loblolly Bay

Big Bamboo is a local beachfront hangout on the island. Order your lunch and then jump in the water to go snorkeling. By the time you’re finished viewing the beautiful fish, your meal will be ready! This beach bar serves all the necessary favorites: cold beer, burgers and Anegada lobster. Dinner is available on request.  Contact: 284-495-2019

  •  Neptune’s Treasure, The Settlement

Neptune’s Treasure is an unpretentious, family restaurant boasting the freshest seafood on the island. Try the Pink Whoopie, made of rum and fruit juices, which is their signature island beverage. Open daily, 8am-10pm, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Casual attire. Contact:  284-495 -9439;;

  •  Potter’s By the Sea at Setting Point

Rated #2 of the top 10 restaurants in Anegada by TripAdvsor, Potter’s by the Sea offers freshly prepared lobster and seafood. Most of the food is cooked on open BBQ grills using special wood, collected from the interior of the island, which gives a very special flavor.  Contact: 284-495-9439

  • Pomato Point Restaurant

A relaxed beach restaurant/bar. EntrĂ©es include lobster, stewed conch, and freshly caught seafood. Open for lunch daily; call by 4 pm for dinner reservations. Be sure to take a look at owner Wilfred Creque’s displays of island artifacts, including shards of Arawak pottery and 17th-century coins, cannonballs, and bottles. These are housed in a little one-room museum adjacent to the dining room. Contact:  284-495-9466

  • Cow Wreck Beach Bar, Cow Wreck Bay

Cow Wreck Beach Bar is a local bar and restaurant where visitors come to fill up on tasty conch fritters and fresh local lobster. Bring along your snorkeling gear if you want to jump in the water before lunch. The restaurant conveniently offers a changing area, shower and bathroom to use after your swim. The shaded bar offers the perfect place to relax and enjoy some easy conversation. Try the Wreck Punch — a delicious mixture of rum and fruit. Open for lunch and dinner.  Contact: 284-495-8047

  • Dotsy’s Bakery

Located in The Settlement, the island’s main village, Dotsy’s offers a selection of fresh baked goods such as homemade breads, cakes and cookies. The bakery also offers lunch and dinner made to order. This is a great spot to pick up a sandwich before heading to one of Anegada’s lovely beaches for the day.   Contact:  284-495-9667

  • Illusion’s Bakery

Offers breads, pasteries, local foods. Call for catering information:  284-495-9202

Anegada Getting Around

Getting around Anagada is easier than you think. Cars, jeeps, trucks, and mini-vans are available for rent on the island. When staying at one of the villas on the island, a rental car can be arranged for you to pick up at the airport.

Or, if you prefer to take a taxi across the island, say between a remote beach and the Settlement, this can also be arranged.

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Anegada Getting There
  • Getting There BY BOAT

Boat Trips are a great way to get to Anegada, especially from the North Sound, which is about 14 miles to the south. Set anchor at Setting Point or Bender’s Bay. There are also regular ferries from Tortola Island to Anegada.

  • Getting There BY AIR

VI Airlink is now offering schedule air service to Anegada from Tortola’s Beef Island Airport on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Clair Aero has regularly scheduled flights from Beef Island Airport (a mere 10-minute flight) as well as St. Thomas and Virgin Gorda by reservation.

CONTACT US for more Information about Anegada British Virgin Islands at (321) 777-1707

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