Things To Do on Jost Van Dyke

Top 7 Things To Do on Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Hiking on Jost Van Dyke

Walking between the tiny main town on Great Harbor, up over the hill to White Bay is one of more peaceful, beautiful short walks in the Caribbean, allowing views from Tortola all the way across St. John to St. Thomas in the distance. Shoes for this hike are advisable as the terrain is rocky. It can be done barefoot, but people usually regret this choice half-way through this hike.

Highly fit folks may consider hiking up to the highest point on Jost Van Dyke, 1000′ high Majohnny Hill with stunning 360 degree views across the Caribbean. This is a significant undertaking however. Some people do it in 4x4s (available for rent by local “mom and pop” type companies).

Snorkel Sandy Cay and Sandy Spit

Sandy Cay is a 14 acre nature preserve  with the character of an ideal tropical isle. Sandy Cay is geologically interesting because the east side is volcanic, the west side is more coral reef atoll, and in the middle is a wetland area that is occupied by many different species of birds. There are some interesting reefs off Sandy Cay and the wall is loaded with a variety of juvenile fish life and rare Staghorn and Elkhorn Coral.

Sandy Spit is a small island of approximately one acre in size is probably the most photographed piece of land in all the BVI! Caribbean to experience: a picture-perfect tropical deserted island with the ideally placed coconut palm in the center surrounded by a barrier reef! It has been the backdrop for many commercials, magazine covers, articles, and advertising campaigns. There is a magnificent sloping coral reef and wall off the South side that is easily explored by snorkeling.

Scuba Diving at The Playground

The Playground, located between Green Cay and Little Jost, is one of the best and prettiest places to explore and dive in the BVI.  Look for a large formation of pillar coral and a series of huge boulder/pinnacles on the exposed north side. They are covered with marine growth: hard and soft corals, delicate branching hydroid fans, and brightly colored sponges. Overhangs are filled with fishes – sweepers, juvenile angelfishes, glassy minnows and fairy basslets. Lots of marine life live in the protected areas at the base of some of the boulders are little hollows and depressions formed between the boulder and the bedrock.

For more advance divers check out Twin Towers, located north of Little Jost. The unusual topography consists of  two large monolithic rock formations rising from 90 feet.

Take a Dip into “The Bubbly Pool” at Diamond Cay

Featured in photo journals and magazine articles around the World, the “Bubbly Pool” is still a somewhat closely guarded secret of Jost Van Dyke.  Nature’s Jacuzzi, this naturally formed tidal pool is located behind jagged cliffs facing the open ocean coming from the North.  When the North swell is up, the unique formation outside the pool prematurely breaks incoming waves and the resulting “bubbles” fill up the pool your “jacuzzi”   giving everyone a reason to smile!

The Bubbly Pool is a short hike from the boat ramp at Diamond Cay — through Mangroves, a Wild Sage forest, and a little amateur-amateur rock climbing. For the more adventurous, serious free-style rock climbing affords unbelievable photo opportunities of the whole area as well as a visit to the “Eagle’s Nest” and to the “Mighty Blow Hole.” The area is surrounded by Seagrape trees, Turks Head Cactus and Blue Agave Century Trees.

Swim at White Bay Beach

White Bay is said to be one of the best beaches in the Virgin Islands. This pristine white beach that invokes images of Gilligan’s Island. White Bay’s swimming-pool calm waters are perfect for swimming or for simply floating on a mat. A great place for snorkeling and underwater exploring, this secluded half-mile white sandy beach has reefs close to shore. After an afternoon of sun in the fun, find some shade and a cool drink at the nearby Soggy Dollar Bar.

Have a “Painkiller” at The Soggy Dollar Bar

Originated and perfected at Sandcastle’s Soggy Dollar Bar in the 1970’s, “The Painkiller” is a full-flavored rum cocktail that has become the essence of Caribbean imbibing. The correct concoction of premium dark Rum, Cream of Coconut, Pineapple and Orange Juice (proportions are secret), topped with fresh grated Grenadian Nutmeg makes the swim (no dock) to the Soggy Dollar Bar worth the effort. Jump off of your boat and swim in, using your soggy dollars to drink and celebrate the Caribbean life!

Soggy Dollar’s Bar will often will have a huge party in the afternoon with scores of thirsty par-tiers coming over on day trips from neighboring islands. Try your luck at the Ring on the Hook game. If you want to avoid the crowds try stopping by the Soggy early in the morning or later in the evening to swing in the hammocks and enjoy a quiet tropical paradise.

Foxy’s Tamarind Bar in Great Harbour

Foxy’s Bar is a BVI  tradition with a laid-back attitude, good food, and plentiful drinks.  “Sly Fox” and “Dread Fox” are the specialty drinks of the house made with Foxy’s own rum!  “Foxy’s Punch” is another delightful concoction witch includes a mango float.  And don’t forget Foxy’s draft beers fresh from the Microbrewery! Foxy features four distinct brews that combine the finest grain,malt and hops. Yes, Foxy has built his own microbrewery , the only brew-house in the Virgin Islands.

On Friday and Saturday night, Foxy’s has a BBQ and live music.  Foxy is a fixture in his own bar and can frequently be found serenading and weaving a tale for his patrons. So, sit back and relax while Foxy sings and tells jokes in a Calypso style that thrills the crowd.