Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands

The second largest island in the BVI,¬†Virgin Gorda¬†means ‚Äúfat Virgin,‚ÄĚ so named by Columbus for its shape as seen on the sea‚Äôs horizon. The island, of volcanic origin, is made up of several distinctly different areas: the mountainous center, the location of Gorda Peak National Park, the North Sound, the Beach Coast, The Baths, and the Valley (which is the island‚Äôs main habitation).

In The Valley ,¬†on the southwestern part of the island,¬†you will find the islands¬†most populated town “Spanish Town”.¬†An unusual geologic formation known as “The Baths” located on the southern end of the island makes Virgin Gorda one of the BVI’s major tourist destinations. At The Baths, the beach shows evidence of the island’s volcanic origins, as huge granite boulders lie in piles on the beach, forming scenic grottoes that are open to the sea. North of the Baths is the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor, formerly owned by Little Dix Bay. The most notable ruin on Virgin Gorda is the old Copper Mine. On the island’s North Sound is the high-end Bitter End Yacht Club, now a five-star resort.

Virgin Gorda Activities
Water Sports

The sheltered waters of the North Sound offer a spectacular environment for a multitude of water sports activities.

Virgin Gorda provides some of the best views Para-sailing has to offer. Leverick Bay Watersports experienced crew will give you the flight of a lifetime.

A wonderful way to discover the British Virgin Islands is by¬†renting your own boat and Leverick Bay Watersports has Bradley Powerboats for rent – ranging from 17′ to 28′. For the less experienced boaters, rent a dinghy for the day and find your own secluded beach or snorkel spot – ¬†a day you will surely remember. Hobie wave, Sunfish, Kayaks are also available for rent at Lever Bay Watersports.

The Baths (and nearby Spring Bay) is a must see when visiting Virgin Gorda. Centuries ago, volcanic eruptions forged these amazing caves by scattering gigantic rocks, the size of houses, onto the beach and waters edge. Now, after years of weathering, these rounded boulders create mystical grottos and coves accessible by foot or snorkeling from the beach. Don’t miss out!

Heritage & Culture
  • Coppermine Ruins

400 years ago the Spanish miners followed by the English mined this area of Virgin Gorda for Copper. The stone chimney and few mine shafts that now remain are wonderful to explore. No doubt, the majestic views of Virgin Gorda and the endless seas will take your breath away. Stop at the¬†Mine Shaft Cafe¬†for their local drink “Cave In”.

  • Gorda Peak National Park

Gorda Peak is the highest peak of Virgin Gorda and is visited by many people. A 15 minute hike up to the summit at 1,359 feet brings you to a wooden observation tower, where the views are absolutely brilliant. Proper gear should be worn when undertaking any of Gorda Peaks hiking trails.

  • Nail Bay Sugar Mill Ruins

Nail Bay is located on the West coast of Virgin Gorda and is part of Virgin Gorda’s beach coast.¬†Scenic Nail Bay looks out over beaches to Mountain Point and The Channel beyond. Nail Bay Sugar Mill Ruins are located nearby off a side trail 500 yards up the mountain. The stone ruins include a small overseer’s cottage on the right, the crumbling sugar mill with its boiling bench and holes for copper boiling kettles, and a horsemill out back, where the cane was crushed before flowing through a trough to the boiling room.


There are quite a few places to shop in Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor. For provisions and tasty treats, visit the Bath and Turtle, Buck’s Food Market, or the Wine Cellar. For gifts and clothing, try the Blue Banana, B.V.I. Apparel Outlet, Dive BVI LTD, Flamboyance, Margo’s Jewelry Boutique, and Shereen’s Nauti Virgin Too. Art lovers will enjoy Next Wave, Three Artistic Gallery, and the Virgin Gorda Craft Shop.

Througouhout Virgin Gorda you’ll find plenty of quaint shops offering local handicrafts, artwork, accessories and gifts. Try The Palm Tree Gallery or pick up some rum at the Pusser’s Company Store  in Leverick Bay. While visiting The Baths, pop into On the Rocks Beachtique for beach-wear and memorabilia.


Virgin Gorda Anchorages
  • Biras Creek Marina

A well-protected anchorage accessible directly from North Sound. Twenty-two moorings are available for a fee of $30 per night.

A must-see unique nautical village catering to yachtsmen. The Quarterdeck Club and Marina offer private showers, fuel, electricity, garbage pickup, and mechanical services.

  • Drake‚Äôs Anchorage, South Bay

Enclosed by Colquhoun Reef and Mosquito Island, this anchorage provides excellent protection and good holding in 20-30 feet of water. Moorings are available.

  • Gun Creek

Literally the “end of the road” when it comes to heading east on Virgin Gorda. This is a protected anchorage to the east of Leverick Bay.¬†The jetty has a government built passenger terminal from which the resorts in North Sound run their ferry and launch services.¬†Provisions, ferry, restaurant, taxi island tours, and garbage disposal are available.

  • Leverick Bay Resort & Marina, North Sound

A superb destination with moorings, full-service marina, restaurant, dive shop, hotel, laundry, and provisions.

  • Long Bay

A day anchorage just to the southeast of Mountain Point. Anchor on the sandy bottom.

  • North Sound

The North Sound is a boater’s dream in terms of location, facilities and beauty. There are numerous resorts, restaurants, shops and water sports offerings all based in these well protected waters.

  • Saba Rock, North Sound

A tiny island between the Bitter End on Virgin Gorda and Prickly Pear Island. Includes a marina, gardens, hotel, restaurant, and gift shop. Moorings are available – pay at the gift shop.

  • Savannah Bay

A delightful anchorage behind the reef in Savannah Bay. Anchoring is usually done in Pond Bay in the middle. Giorgio’s Table Restaurant is on the Point with a small dinghy dock below. This anchorage is not recommended for an overnight stay since a significant swell can penetrate the reef in northerly weather.

  • The Baths

The Baths is located on the southwestern shore of Virgin Gorda. National Park moorings are available. This is a unique and beautiful location but there can be swells at times. Anchoring is not permitted.

  • Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, Spanish Town

The marina offers over 100 berths, a large boat yard with full marina facilities capable of accommodating mega yachts up to 160′. The Harbour also has a dive shop, restaurant, some shops, banking facilities and a drug store. Within a short walk is Spanish Town and St Thomas Bay Beach.

  • Vixen Point, Prickly Pear Island, Gorda Sound

Here you will find space to anchor just to the north of the mooring field on the west side of Prickly Pear Island. Beach bar and restaurant available.

Virgin Gorda Beaches

By mid-morning in Virgin Gorda, the sun worshipers have settled down on one of the many deserted beaches that fringe the island. Virtually all of the crystal clear waters surrounding Virgin Gorda’s beaches are excellent for snorkeling and scuba diving. Several of the most popular beaches are listed here.

  • Big Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay is one of a series of awe inspiring white sand beaches on the island’s western shore. This beach, bordered by a private estate and a lovely palm tree grove, can only be reached by boat or along a path from Spring Bay.

  • Devils Bay

Devil’s Bay is yet another picture perfect beach on Virgin Gorda. Usually a little quieter than the Baths, and with a good stretch of white sand to relax on, it’s a beautiful spot to spend an hour or two sunbathing. It’s also a great base from which to explore the wonderful snorkeling opportunities around the rocks, caves and boulders of The Baths.

  • Fisher’s¬†Cove

A tranquil quarter-mile, white sand beach lapped by turquoise waters. This beach is studded with bohio’s –¬†beach cabanas made of palm fronds – in which you are invited to relax in and take a break from the warm Caribbean sun.

  • Leverick Bay

Leverick Bay is home to a pleasant  beach resort with hotel and marina. It has a small beach, with safe swimming for the family, as well as a swimming pool, water sports equipment, dive shop, spa,wifi access, shops,  restaurants and beach bar. It’s a great spot to spend the day with plenty to entertain  the whole family.

  • Little Dix Bay

Home to the famous luxury resort, originally founded by Laurance Rockefeller. The beach here is in a magnificent setting behind it’s own coral reef in a perfect cove. The cove is flanked by two mountains that tumble into the sea as rocky headlands.

  • Long Bay

Long Bay is the ultimate secluded bay, it has a long beach with fine swimming and snorkeling. You are likely to have this beach to yourself, except for the odd sailboat or two anchored when the conditions are good. This is a great birding spot too. Long Bay, and Nail Bay next door, are common habitat for blue herons, spotted sandpipers, black- necked stilts, and ruddy turnstones as well as brown boobies and pelicans.

  • Mahoe Bay

Protected by picturesque reefs just offshore , Mahoe Bay forms a tropical lagoon great for water activities like swimming and windsurfing. Mahoe Bay’s ¬†beautiful white sand beach and shallow reefs provide good snorkeling with abundant marine life, especially sea turtles.

  • Oil Nut Bay

Situated on the eastern peninsula of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, Oil Nut Bay’s privacy consists of all the advantages of island living including being accessible only by air or boat.

  • Savannah Bay and Pond Bay

Normally deserted except for a few livestock from time to time, these two extraordinary beaches are simply long stretches of pristine white sand. Part of the renowned ‚ÄėBeach Coast‚Äô of Virgin Gorda, this is a great spot for water sports as the bay is protected by a continuous reef.¬†Bring a cooler with refreshments or a picnic lunch.

  • South Sound

The South Sound provides peace and solitude, where you can enjoy breathtaking views out towards the empty ocean as it seems to extend into eternity with nothing but a soft haze to separate sea and sky.

  • Spring Bay

Spring Bay is one of Virgin Gorda’s loveliest beaches, golden sand sprinkled with the island‚Äôs famous boulders and clear, clear waters. The crystal clear sea changes from green and blue to azure, and from mirror-like calm to frothy waves. Spring Bay offers comfortable swimming, fascinating snorkeling among colorful sea life, ancient tamarind trees for shade and seclusion.

  • The Baths

The Baths are a must-see – a unique, natural phenomenon of exotic pools and grottos formed by enormous boulders scattered across pristine white sandy beaches. The magic of this place is revealed as you make your way along the trail to Devils Bay, where the hidden caves and secret pools are lit by the shafts of bright sunlight that shine through the boulders above and around you.

Virgin Gorda Dining

From rustic Caribbean beach shacks to the finest dining in the Caribbean ‚Äď Virgin Gorda has it all. You can dine in formal surroundings at some of the best restaurants in the islands, at locations such as Biras Creek and Little Dix Bay, or you can grab a burger or salad from the friendly staff at the many laid-back, beachside bars. Virgin Gorda has a wealth of good restaurants and eateries, and we are sure you‚Äôll find something to suit your taste.

  • Anything Goes

West Indian dishes and seafood. Lunch and dinner are served from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Phone: 284-495-5244

  • Bath and Turtle

A patio tavern in the Yacht Harbour. Caribbean fare, pasta, pizza and burgers, waterfront bar, liquor store and free lending library. Phone: 284-495-5239

  • Biras Creek

An elegant restaurant overlooking North Sound. Dinner dress code and reservations required. Phone: 284-494-3555.

The Clubhouse overlooks Gorda Sound and serves fresh fish, lobster, steak and island specialties. The Pub beachside bar serves light luncheon fare. Phone: 284-494-2746.

  • Crab Hole

Specializes in Creole dishes including Callalou, local fish, and conch. Phone: 284-495-5307

  • Chez Bamboo

An elegant restaurant serving Creole and Caribbean cuisine with a French flair. Phone: 284-495-5752.

  • Fat Virgin‚Äôs Caf√©

Casual waterside café located at Biras Creek. Burgers, sandwiches, doups, ribs, roti, past, fish, frozen drinks and gourmet coffees. Phone: 284-495-7052.

  • Fischer‚Äôs Cover Beach Hotel

A quaint eatery serving breakfast lunch and dinner. Located on the water’s edge and specializing in island cuisine, seafood, and homemade breads, soups, and desserts. Web: Phone: 284-495-5252

  • Flying Iguana

Fresh fish and lobster served in an open-air dining room. Web: Phone: 284-495-5277.

  • Giorgio‚Äôs Restaurant

Old-world style Italian cuisine. Open for dinner from 6 to 10 p.m. daily. Web: Phone: 284-495-5684

  • Leverick Bay Restaurant

The restaurant at Leverick Bay specializes in fresh local seafood, house cut steaks and island favorites. There is poolside dining for lunch and early dinners including sandwiches, pizzas and salads. The upstairs terrace and lounge make for an exquisite dining experience with a seaside view and daily menu. Slow roasted prime rib and live music on Saturday nights. Web: Phone: 284-495-7154.

  • LSL Restaurant & Bakery

Serving international and West Indian lunch and dinner daily; seafood, chicken, pasta and pizza. Phone: 284-495-5151

  • Little Dix Bay Hotel

Buffet luncheon and dinner on a spacious dining terrace. Proper dress required. Web: Phone: 284-495-5555.

  • Mad Dog

Located at the round-about near the Baths. Famous for three-decker sandwiches, paninis, salads, pina coladas, and the Red Dog frozen drink. Web: Phone: 284-495-5830

  • Main Deck Bar & Grill

At Andy’s Chauteau. Great sunsets, fresh fish on the grill, steaks, chicken. Phone: 284-495-5252.

  • Mine Shaft Caf√©

Burgers, chicken sandwiches, and salads. Web: Phone: 284-495-5260.

  • Poor Man‚Äôs Bar

This casual beach bar at The Baths offers sanwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and drinks.

  • Rock Caf√©

Italian and Caribbean dishes served in a beautiful setting. Phone: 284-495-5482.

  • Saba Rock Restaruant

Serving pub fare for lunch and an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet. Phone: 284-495-7711.

  • Sugarcane Bar & Grill

Located in the Nail Bay resort. West Indian food such as duck curry, saltfish, and roti. Phone: 284-494-8000.

  • Top of the Baths

Situated at the top of The Baths, this restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining, fantastic views, and a varied menu. Web: Phone: 284-495-5497.

  • Village Caf√©

Salads, wraps, jerk pork, seafood, and steaks. Phone: 284-495-5482.

  • Wheelhouse

Located at the Ocean View Hotel. Specializing in fresh fish or chicken served curried or with native sauce. Phone: 284-495-5230.

Virgin Gorda Getting Around
  • Getting Around BY BOAT

An aerial view of the island shows what looks like three bulky masses connected by two very narrow isthmuses. The most northeasterly of these three masses – which contains two of the most interesting hotels, Biras Creek and Bitter End Yacht Club – is not even accessible by road at all. To get there will require ferryboat transit from the more accessible parts of the island.

  • Getting Around BY BUS

Independently operated open-sided safari buses run along the main road. Holding up to 22 passengers, these buses charge upwards of $3 to $5 per person to transport a passenger, say, from the Valley to The Baths.

  • Getting Around BY CAR

If you’d like to rent a car, try one of the local firms, including Mahogany Rentals, the Valley, Spanish Town (tel. 284/495-5469), across from the yacht harbor. Taxi Services are also available on the island. Road conditions on Virgin Gorda range from good to extremely poor. Remember: Drive on the left.

One possibility for exploring Virgin Gorda by car is to drive from the southwest to the northeast along the island’s rocky and meandering spine. This route will take you to The Baths (in the extreme southeast), to Spanish¬†Harbor¬†(near the middle), and eventually, after skirting the mountainous edges of Gorda Peak , to the most northwesterly tip of the island’s road system, near North Sound.

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Virgin Gorda Getting There
  • Getting There BY AIR

Air Sunshine flies to Virgin Gorda Airport from San Juan and St Thomas. Seaborne Airlines flies float-planes to North Sound from St Thomas.

  • Getting There BY BOAT

Speedy‚Äôs (284-495-5240;¬†¬† ) and Smith‚Äôs Ferry(284-494-4454 ) run several times daily between Spanish Town and Road Town, Tortola (round trip US$25, 30 minutes). North Sound Express (495-2138) runs between Virgin Gorda‚Äôs North Sound and Tortola‚Äôs Beef Island.¬†You’ll also find that the most luxurious resorts have their own boats to transport you to/from Beef Island Airport.

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