Things To Do on Virgin Gorda

Top 7 Things To Do on Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Hiking in Gorda Peak National Park

At 1500 ft this national park is the island’s highest point, and features a variety of indigenous and exotic plant life. Follow trails that lead to lookout tower at the Peak. Hikers are rewarded with a panoramic view of the BVI, particularly the popular anchorage of North Sound and Anegada Island visible in the horizon. Most exciting about Gorda Peak is that it is home to the worlds smallest gecko. A perfect place for a romantic or family picnic, is half way along the trail to the tower. Table and benches are provided and maintained by the National Parks Trust.

Explore The Baths

The Baths (and nearby Spring Bay) is a must see when visiting Virgin Gorda. Centuries ago, volcanic eruptions forged these amazing caves by scattering gigantic rocks, the size of houses, onto the beach and waters edge. Now, after years of weathering, these rounded boulders create mystical grottos and coves accessible by foot or snorkeling from the beach.

The cavernous surroundings are a result of the molten rock seeping up into the existing volcanic rock layers; because the molten rock did not reach the surface it cooled slowly and formed the hard crystalline granite layer. Further shrinkage and cracking formed blocks, which were exposed when the softer volcanic rock above eroded away. Weathering rounded the corners of the boulders to what they are today. These massive boulders are also found at Fallen and Broken Jerusalem.

A series of steps and rope handrails guide explorers along a trail through the boulders from the beach of The Baths to the sandy expanse that is Devil’s Bay, with truly breathtaking scenery and a must for any visitor.

Bird-watching and Beach-combing at Long Bay and Nail Bay on the Beach Coast

Long Bay is the ultimate secluded bay, it has a long beach with fine swimming and snorkeling. You are likely to have this beach to yourself, except for perhaps a couple sailboats anchored when conditions are good. This is a great spot for birding-watching. Long Bay, and Nail Bay next door, is habitat for blue herons, spotted sandpipers, black- necked stilts, and ruddy turnstones as well as brown boobies and pelicans. Beach-combing is popular here too. Walk the long stretch of sand and look for natural treasures hidden in the sand. Long Bay and Nail Bay are part of the BVI’s Beach Coast, voted the “best beaches” by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.

Para-sailing with Leverick Bay Watersports

Imagine high winds blowing all around as you drift 600 feet above water gliding in a parasail.  Virgin Gorda provides some of the best views Para-sailing has to offer. Leverick Bay Watersports experienced crew will give you the flight of a lifetime. You could spend the day at this full-service resort Enjoy gourmet dinners at The Restaurant, overlooking the marina, with fresh local seafood, house cut steaks, and a wide selection of fine wines and spirits.

Visit The Bitter End Yacht Club

Bitter End is uniquely situated along a mile of shore-front on the protected waters of the North Sound. Accessible only by water, this premier resort offers relaxation in an extraordinary, secluded environment. This is a great spot for a relaxing and luxurious lunch or rent a hobie cat, small power boat, or kayak and take to the water. Bitter End Yacht Club is a full-service marina, restaurant, resort, and watersports center.  The barefoot elegance that characterizes this island outpost is why Bitter End is regularly hailed as one of the top full service resorts in the world.

Kiteboarding the North Sound

While your at The Bitter End Yacht Club, check out  Carib Kite-boarding. Here you will have fun and learn how to  kiteboard with professional instruction by PASA (Professional Air Sports Association) certified  Kiteboard Instructors. They offer lessons for entry-level riders as well as more experienced riders looking to improve their skills. The instruction method maximizes time on the water, increases safety, and gets you up and riding as soon as possible, making for a more effective learning experience.

The North Sound feature steady tradewinds, great launching beaches, and a variety of surface conditions (ranging from flat water, to moderate chop).  Instruction may also take place from one  of Bitter End’s beautiful beaches, or from one of the boats in their fleet, including a sixteen foot inflatable boat that is ideal for water launches…LEARN MORE

Explore the Coppermine Ruins

This abandoned copper mine, located on the islands southwestern tip, played an important role in the history of Virgin Gorda.  Early settlers from Cornwall, England set up a copper mining industry that flourished in the 1800s. As many as 130 Cornish laborers and their families lived here. The ruins of their housing area and the operations center, containing the powerhouse, mine shafts, cisterns, engine house and chimney are still visible scattered across the slopes. The mine closed in 1862 but the ruins are still visible and the area is now a national park.Restoration efforts began in 1998 to stabilize the ruins, beginning with the engine house, with the assistance of experts from Cornwall, England.